Pumalin Park, Patagonia

Pumalin Park in Patagonia, built by Eco Baron Doug Tompkins, founder of The North Face and Esprit

About the blog
Like my book of the same name, the Eco Barons Blog focuses on hope – on people and groups who concern themselves with solving our enormous environmental challenges, who are actually out there doing it, saving wildlands, protecting endangered species, fighting our national inertia on the global warming front, bucking the odds and the conventional wisdom.  I’ll also be talking about some of those environmental challenges themselves, for the stakes in the next few years are as high as they get, and the rocky years of 2001 through 2008 have put us in one huge hole. This blog’s starting point is my research for Eco Barons: The Dreamers, Schemers & Millionaires Who Are Saving Our Planet (March 2009), and in this space I will extend that story and see where it takes us. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.


Kayaking on the wild end of Catalina Island

About the author
I’m a journalist and author of 10 nonfiction books; my work has received a Pulitzer Prize, a PEN Award and a Casey Medal. My most recent two books before Eco Barons were Monkey Girl: Evolution, Education, Religion & the Battle for America’s Soul and Over Here: How the GI BIll Transformed the American Dream.  I’m a former newspaper reporter, I blog for the HuffingtonPost, and I write for a variety of print publications. I grew up in Philadelphia, the son of a Jewish mom and an Irish-Catholic dad, and now call Southern California home.

Nicolai, the greatest dog on the planet, with his cat

Nikolai, my constant writing companion through six books, with Sawyer


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